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31st Jul


Bread of Life was a “Cross†Over” resource Pastor Sara Yotter and I originally created for use with the John texts in worship and learning environments during Pentecost 2015. Bread of Life offers a menu of ideas for use in ...

14th Oct


The term CROSS†OVER means two or more things brought together for a new purpose. When wearing a crossover shoe one can transition seamlessly from walking to jogging into aerobics. A crossover car features the best of a passenger ...

24th Jul


Songs of Faith – An All-Age, Cross†Generational Reformation Celebration Worship leaders and Christian education coordinators – be courageous! Combine the ideas offered below and create something new. If education hour is the ...

14th Apr


Open Scripture: John 18:1-19:42 19:41 Now there was a garden in the place where he was crucified, and in the garden there was a new tomb in which no one had ever been laid. Reading the Passion Story in John floods me with memories and ...

30th May


Connecting Camp, Church and Home… How many of you have had the experience of being at camp and joyfully singing mealtime prayers to familiar tunes from commercials or popular themes from movies? The new words for singing Grace ...

3rd Mar


2016 Conferences and Trainings to Equip Adult Leaders in Faith Formation and Children, Youth, Family and Life-Span Ministry There are a multitude of continuing education opportunities for those serving in the area of Faith Formation, ...

24th Aug


Children illustrating the sermon, during the sermon -Up Front! The resources below were in response to a post on the ELCA Youth Ministry Network Facebook page asking the following, “I have no idea where to even begin with the ...

4th Aug


  It seems the ritual of the Blessing of the Backpacks has grown since I first experienced it at Gloria Dei Lutheran in Phoenix, AZ 15 years ago or more.  Glossy, professionally created postcards were sent to households in ...

4th Sep


I am visiting my mother in IA this week. Is a brief three-days together. Mom lives in an assisted living complex, 14 miles from where she and my father lived and farmed for 67 years. My father died six years ago this month. No matter ...

30th Aug


I admit I have had pangs of guilt about the depth of my grieving over the death of our Great Dane this past Wednesday morning. But any doubts about the appropriateness of my emotions have been lessened and normalized by the more than ...