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Faith Formation Continuing Ed 2016
3rd Mar


Faith Formation Continuing Ed 2016

2016 Conferences and Trainings to Equip Adult Leaders in Faith Formation

and Children, Youth, Family and Life-Span Ministry

There are a multitude of continuing education opportunities for those serving in the area of Faith Formation, specifically Children, Youth and Household Ministry. Choose from a menu of offerings: full 2-3 day conferences in “destination” locations, stimulating environments on seminary campuses, or free webinars, video and archived sessions one can enjoy in one’s own home or with a small group at one’s church. 

There is something for everyone!

Faith Forward

Chicago, IL. April 18-21

Dedicated to bringing together children’s and youth ministry leaders for collaboration, resourcing, and inspiration toward innovative theology and practice. (Non-denominational, progressive Christian)

Living Room Summit

Minneapolis, MN. April 26-28

With Marilyn Sharpe (Parenting) Lyle Griner (Peer Ministry) & Andrea Fieldhouse (Equipping Families). You actually sit in their living rooms, or on a deck while learning from 3 individuals who are passionate about faith and people!

Princeton Forum on Youth Ministry

Princeton, NJ. April 26-29

A project of the Yale Center for Faith and Culture Adolescent Faith and Flourishing Program, Berkeley Divinity School and The Congregational Church of New Canaan

The Orange Conference

Atlanta, GA. April 27-29

Build a ministry that connects kids with a comprehensive plan from zero to college. Non-denominational.

E-Formation Conference (Episcopal hosted)

Virginia Theological Seminary, VA. June 6-8

Highly rated conference bringing faith formation and you into the digital age.

Children’s Spirituality Conference: Christian Perspectives

Lipscomb Univeristy, Nashville, TN. June 12-14

This research and workshop focused conference occurs every 3-years.


John Roberto at ELCA Churchwide Ministry offices, “Families at the Center of Faith Formation.”

Lifelong Faith Symposiums

September 29-October 1 in CT and October 20-22 in MN

Designed and hosted by John Roberto – a leader in all things related to faith formation.

Birthing Cross+Gen Conference (Faith Ink)

Estes Park, CO. Oct 3-6

This will be the 3rd. Learn from practitioners who have risked everything to bring generations together in education and worship. The place to be for all things related to Cross+Gen.


Training, Conferences, Podcasts, Webinars, Video Learning Opportunities

Offered All-Year Round in Various Locations and on the Web

Augsburg College

An in-depth year long exploration of the Practices of Theological Reflection and Vocational Discernment with Youth.


Learn of all the resources Spark House and Augsburg Fortress have to offer.

Augsburg Fortress/Spark House Webinars

There is a webinar offered almost every week. Easy to use platform for participating. Fresh, relevant resources with sound theology!

ELCA Lay Schools for Leadership and Ministry

Check out this extensive list of 38 Centers who make up the network of lay schools throughout the ELCA providing a variety of approaches to teaching, learning and program content. Areas of study range from worship leadership, evangelism training, faith practices, theology and spiritual reflection.

ELCA 65 Synods

Check your synod’s webs site for local conferences.

Fuller Youth Institute (Sticky Faith)

Pasadena, CA

Long history of research and practical application in youth ministry.

Godly Play Trainings

Faith-based approach to learning God’s story based in Montessori ideology. Episcopalian roots.


The free 10 Minute Toolbox videos offer reflections designed to help ministry leaders, staff, and church councils rediscover the hope that gives strength and courage for leadership. A new downloadable video is posted on the 1st Friday of each month. Check-out the many other resources on this to support leaders.

HomeGrown Faith


All generations engaged in learning – together!

Training, coaching and consultations in Cross+Gen ministry. On-site interaction, modeling, curriculum and ideas for Cross+Gen learning and worship plus blended edu-worship.

Ask about the ELCA hosted Cross+Gen “Generosity Project.”

Peer Ministry

Training for youth ministers, adults, and youth through out the year.

Practical Resources for Churches

Goal is to provide faith-communities time-effective; cost efficient; and results-oriented programs and services, including educational webinars, workshops and resources.

The Practice Discipleship Initiative (ELCA)

Goal is to provide training resources for congregations in their faith formation work with young people. Webinars, archived educational and training videos. A “Champion” in every ELCA Synod.

Select Learning (ELCA)

Provides access to theological learning experiences for personal, congregational and professional learning. Combines high quality DVD-based video courses, customized study materials, proven textbooks, and online learning.

Third Tuesday Conversations

3rd Tuesday Conversations are monthly gatherings via webinars. They are opportunities to hear from, and interact with experts in the field. 3TC conversations are free for members of the ELCA Network for Children, Youth and Family Ministry. Open to all.

Youth Leadership

YL’s focus is to help leaders nurture their influence with teenagers and their families with a relational approach to leadership development through training, speaking and coaching.

Vibrant Faith

Committed to guiding people and communities in a lifelong journey of Christian discipleship. Trainings across the USA. Conferences and webinars throughout the year.

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