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Linda’s Favorites- Current Reading for Cross+Generational Ministry

The following reading list of current resources was compiled for the inaugural Intergenerate Conference in Nashville, TN, June 2017.


Allen, Holly Catterton & Christine Lawton. (2012). Intergenerational Christian Formation: Bringing the Whole Church Together in Ministry, Community and Worship. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press.

Csinos, David M. & Melvin Bray. (2013). Faith Forward: A Dialogue on Children, Youth, and a New Kind of Christianity. Kelowna, BC: Woodlake Publishing.

Csinos, David M. & Melvin Bray. (2013). Faith Forward: Re-Imagining Children’s and Youth Ministry. Kelowna, BC: Woodlake Publishing.

Deprez, Matthew. (2013). Join Generations: Becoming Unashamedly Intergenerational. NP: Lulu.

Foster, Charles. (2012). From Generation to Generation: The Adaptive Challenge of Mainline Protestant Education in Forming Faith. Eugene, OR: Cascade.

Gambone, James, & James Vincent Gambone. (2015). All Are Welcome: A Primer for Intentional Intergenerational Ministry and Dialogue. NP: CreateSpace.

Hellerman, Joe. (2009). When the Church Was a Family: Recapturing Jesus’ Vision for Authentic Christian Community. Nashville, TN: B & H.

Keeley, Laura. and Keeley, Robert. (2009) Celebrating the Milestones of Faith. Faith Alive Christian Resources

Keeley, Robert. (Ed.). (2010). Shaped by God: Twelve essentials for nurturing faith in children, youth and adults. Grand Rapids, MI: Faith Alive Christian Resources.

Martineau, Mariette, Joan Weber, & Leif Kehrwald (2008). Intergenerational Faith Formation: All Ages Learning. New London, CT: Twenty-Third Publications.

McFee, Marcia. (2010). The Worship Workshop: Creative Ways to Design Worship Together. Nashville, TN: Abingdon.

Melheim, Richard. (2013). Holding Your Family Together. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books.

Melheim, Richard. (2014). Let’s Kill Sunday School: (Before it Kills the Church). Lewiston, MT: Creative Outlet.

Menconi, Pete. The Intergenerational Church: Understanding Congregations from WWII to Www.com. Littleton, CO: Mt. Sage Publishing, 2010.

Merhaut, Jim & John Roberto. (2014). Generations Together: Caring, Praying, Learning, Celebrating, & Serving Faithfully. Naugatuck, CT: Lifelong Faith Associates.

Powell, Kara & Chap Clark. (2011). Sticky Faith: Everyday Ideas to Build Lasting Faith in Your Kids. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan.

Powell, Kara, Jake Mulder, & Brad Griffin. (2015). Growing Young: Six Essential Strategies to Help Young People Discover and love your church. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker.

Roberto, John. (2006) Becoming a Church of Lifelong Learners: The Generations of Faith Sourcebook, Volume 2. New London, CT: Twenty-Third Publications.

Sbanatto, Elisabeth & Craig Blomberg. (2016). Effective Generational Ministry. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books.

Shaw, Hayden. (2015). Generational IQ. Carol Stream, IL: Tyndale.

Sider, Ronald J., & Ben Lowe. (2016). The Future of Our Faith: An Intergenerational Conversation on Critical Issues Facing the Church. Grand Rapids, MI: Brazos.

Smith, William. (2016). Under One Roof: Building an Intergenerational Church. Bloomington, IN: Xlibris.

Stollings, Jessica. (2015). ReGenerations: Why Connecting Generations Matters. NP: CreateSpace.

Updegrove, Olivia Bryan. (2015). What is God? Nashville, TN: Westbow Press.

Vanderwell, Howard. Ed. (2007). The Church of All Ages. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield.

Walker, Mel. (2013). Inter-Generational Youth Ministry: Why a Balanced View of Connecting the Generations Is Essential for the Church. NP: Overboard Ministries.