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Linda’s Favorites- John 6, Bread of Life

Worship + Learning + All Generations = CrossOver.BreadLife
A Multi-Generational Resource for the Time After Pentecost – or anytime! 
John 6 – “Bread of Life”       IMG_1317
Bread of Life Power Point slides to accompany and illustrate the education/learning section of the Cross†Over resource.

The foundation for CrossOver is ALL ages and all generations involved in meaningful interaction in the same space, sharing the same experience – being the Body of Christ.

Worship leaders and Christian education coordinators are invited and encouraged to be courageous – to combine the ideas offered in this resource and create something new. Bring elements of worship into learning. Incorporate all age interaction into worship. Combine both and create one CrossOver seamless experience utilizing the four Bread of Life texts.

Give it a test run. Make it a “pilot…!

Your partners in Christ, Sara Yotter & Linda Staats

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