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Ministries of Colleagues
HomeGrown Faith is a result of the friendship, influence and wisdom of peers and colleagues with whom I share a passion for faith formation. Each one is a valued companion and abundant resource in nurturing and tending the faith:
Faith Formation Journeys

Leta, Brigette and Gus each serve as staff in their respective congregations. They provide weekly, down-to-earth children’s sermon ideas and take-home devotions.

Faith Ink

Children around the world are falling asleep with images of The Faith Five dancing in their minds and hearts. Thank you Rich.

LifeLong Faith

I attended a workshop by John Roberto in the Spring of 1994. John named, illustrated and discussed the importance of the church-home connection. My life was never the same! He continues to lead the way with his abundant and freely shared wisdom in all things related to faith formation.

Marilyn Sharpe Ministries

There is no one who writes, speaks or leads with more passion than Marilyn Sharpe. She is a beloved mother, grandmother, and mentor to many. I am blessed to call her a friend.

Ministries of David Lynn

David, a valued adviser and presenter for the initial HomeGrown Faith Initiative in 2004, published a book, HomeGrown Faith in 2006 that lifted up the “Top Ten HomeGrown Faith Practices.”  He and Kathy Lynn continue to produce accessible resources for connecting church and home.

Peer Ministry Leadership

Lyle Griner’s name is synonymous with Peer Ministry. He believes in kids. He also cares about adults and equips them to walk along side young people.  He lives his faith and ministry every day, everywhere.

Search Institute

A phrase in “All Kids Are Our Kids,” (p44) contributed to my deep passion for moving from age segregated learning to cross+generational interaction in congregations.  Search Institute continues to provide well-researched and fresh tools for connecting congregations, community and households to build assets in kids. Eugene and Jolene Roehlkepartain are champions for all things related to the well-being of kids and families.

Vibrant Faith Ministries

VFM leads the way in the use of social media to provide resources that connect church and home 24/7. I am indebted to the current staff, and former Exec. Director Dick Hardel, for their shaping and influencing my ministry since 1995.

Youth Leadership

Last year (after sitting at Tiger’s feet in multilple workshops over the past decade), I had the privilege of helping host and present at a Youth Leadership RECHARGE Conference. Tiger McCluen’s professionalism combined with extravagant hospitality made it one of the finest events I have attended.