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Donald A. Vetter Educational, Lifetime Service Award 2018
3rd Mar


Donald A. Vetter Educational, Lifetime Service Award 2018

“Linda’s faith emanates from her soul in every interaction you have with her. Her soft yet deep approach to faith formation and education of school and church leaders is profound. Linda proudly proclaims to ‘be a “Curator!”, known for the ability to combine research, resources, and theology and for connecting people’s own holy stories with God’s stories’. It is by this virtue that her heart for cross generational education and impact on those she serves has a global reach.” Cory Newman, former ELEA board member, staff and Executive Director beginning fall 2019

“Linda is a strong advocate for diversity (all types) in our schools, centers and church. Linda breathes inspiration into everyone she has contact with. Her love of God, faith, servant heart, and amazing relationship building skills pours out through her passion for children’s faith formation. Linda provides the spark of how our schools, centers and churches can “educate” children about GOD. She is an amazing example of living one’s faith, every day.” Evangelical Lutheran Education Association board member


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