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All-Congregational Faith Formation Consultation
2nd Jul


All-Congregational Faith Formation Consultation

In August, 2011, Linda Staats conducted a Faith Formation Consultation for the leaders and members of the Church Planning Council and the Ascension Lutheran faith community. Linda invested in us her time, energy and passion for ministry.

Prior to the two-day workshop, she collaborated closely with our lay leaders, council and staff so that the presentations were in-line with our mission as a community of grace, called to serve. Linda helped us to build on our strengths as a community of faith and encouraged us to tweak existing ministry efforts so that all ages and generations in the community were encouraged in their faith journeys. Linda’s kind and spirit-led accompaniment continues to help shape how we see and practice faith formation for all ages today. Linda lives her belief that “age-segregated, programmatic ministry is out, relational ministry between generations is in!”

Mary Stoneback, Director of Youth and Faith Formation
Ascension Lutheran Church, Colorado Springs, CO

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