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HomeGrown Faith
squash HomeGrown Faith is about ministry and mission in the ever changing landscape for Christian education, faith formation and discipleship. A vision for HomeGrown Faith includes:
  • Creating a seamless journey for faith formation that connects each generation, age and stage of life.
  • Equipping households to speak the language of faith and the heart of faith – at home and away from home.
  • Knowing and treasuring, “like an old family recipe,” the faith stories of our ancestors as recorded in Holy Scriptures.
  • Becoming “living stones” – story tellers of God’s unfolding Story in my life and God’s Story in yours.
  • Engaging, equipping and empowering all generations for serving one another, like Jesus.

“HomeGrown Faith” has become my trade-mark.  The phrase HomeGrown Faith reflects not only my vision and mission for ministry, but my rural roots in Iowa.

What is the origin of the phrase, HomeGrown Faith? As a Christian Educator, I have unabashedly borrowed, re-purposed and utilized other people’s imaginative concepts and resources. But the phrase, HomeGrown Faith, was the result of my own “hav’n a g-o-o-d idea,” as my two young sons use to regularly declare. One restless night I awoke, alert, with the words clearly planted in my heart and mind. In 2004, in my role as Assistant to the Bishop for Faith Formation in the Grand Canyon Synod- ELCA, we began an 18-month initiative to work intensively with a dozen congregations to connect church and home for nurturing faith. The middle of the night revelation was an answer to the wondering, “What to call the initiative?

Similar to the exchanges at a farmers market, my hope is that HomeGrown Faith will become a space and a relationship where we share fresh ideas and support one another in the nurturing of an organic faith in Jesus Christ, deeply rooted, generative, and sustainable for a lifetime.

Whether you are a congregation, institution, household or individual, I look forward to partnering with you as together in Christ, and with the guidance of the Spirit, we tend our faith into fullness and maturity for existing generations and the next.

So welcome! I  am eager to interact with you through social media and in person. To network with the HomeGrown Faith community, join the Facebook Fan Page.

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