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Consultant & Coach
Like your local Master Gardener, I enjoy accompanying faith-based organizations, congregations and individuals in discovering, renewing and tending all that God has given us through Jesus.
  • Explore frameworks and resources for faith formation in your context, as no two ministry settings are the same.
  • Walk along side as you discover and articulate a vision for effective children, youth and age-span ministry.
  • Serve as guide for creating a seamless journey for faith formation from birth to death, including implementation of Stories & Stones (Milestones) Ministry.
  • Connect preschool, church and homes for a faith nurtured 24/7.
  • Support staff, teachers, parents and caring adults in keeping the promises they made at baptism.
  • Understand the changing culture and approaches for Christian education and discipleship.
  • Implement a comprehensive Gifts Based Ministry.
  • Engage all generations in ministry based on an Accompaniment Model.
  • Advise and guide the creation of Safe Havens Guidelines in congregations or judicatories.
* Healthy Start

Learn more about Healthy Start and New Beginnings for Congregations and Pastors.


“Linda collaborated closely with our lay leaders, council and staff so that her presentations were in-line with our mission as a community of grace, called to serve. She helped us to build on our strengths as a community of faith and encouraged us to tweak existing ministry efforts so that all ages and generations in the community were encouraged in their faith journeys.” Mary Stoneback, Director of Youth and Faith Formation, Ascension Lutheran Church, Colorado Springs, CO