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What People Say
Donald A. Vetter Educational, Lifetime Service Award 2018

“Linda’s faith emanates from her soul in every interaction you have with her. Her soft yet deep approach to faith formation and education of school and church leaders is profound. Linda proudly proclaims to ‘be a “Curator!”, known for the ability to combine research, resources, and theology and for connecting people’s own holy stories with God’s stories’. It is by this virtue that her heart for cross generational education and impact on those she serves has a global reach.” Cory Newman, former ELEA board member, staff and Executive Director beginning fall 2019

“Linda is a strong advocate for diversity (all types) in our schools, centers and church. Linda breathes inspiration into everyone she has contact with. Her love of God, faith, servant heart, and amazing relationship building skills pours out through her passion for children’s faith formation. Linda provides the spark of how our schools, centers and churches can “educate” children about GOD. She is an amazing example of living one’s faith, every day.” Evangelical Lutheran Education Association board member


A Safe, Inclusive Environment

Thank you for hosting the workshop today. My friend and I felt it most worthwhile to attend. We are excited to be taking our insights back to our congregation and sharing what we experienced. Linda did such a wonderful job in presenting. I can see how anyone would feel included and safe in the environment she fosters.

From participants who drove almost two-hours to attend. Hartford, CT. 2/2015

Over Heard . . .

Her passion for ministry is only surpassed by her capacity for caring • Inspires and equips • Consistent champion for children, youth and household ministry • Makes the impossible seem possible • Leads with zeal, enthusiasm and passion • Her passion is contagious • Known as the “dot” lady • Rearranges rooms. Moves chairs into circles • Incorporates lots of visual aids, like the red ACE tool box • A beloved mentor • Engaging exegesis on John 10 – Don’t miss her sheep call! • A resource guru – in an instant she can tell you where to find a support group for a left handed, second-career youth minister with a neurotic obsession with Bob the Tomato from Veggie Tales.

A congregational staff member and former colleague

Something Sacred Happened this Weekend

I had the privilege to see Linda’s expertise at work in my congregation. I was a new pastor and I realized that we, as a congregation, needed some professional help in looking at what gifts people have for ministry. Linda introduced us to Gift Based Ministry in an interactive and fun way.  One of the participants wrote in our Newsletter, “Something sacred happened this weekend; we talked with each other like never before, we learned new things about friends we thought we knew very well; but most of all we discovered that we have even more God-given gifts that we could put to good use for work in the Kingdom of God.”

Due to the success of this workshop, the HLC Council invited Linda back for a Council Retreat. We were preparing for our 90th Anniversary and we needed a facilitator to help us review our rich history and discern the will of God for us in the future. Through engaging Bible studies, participatory inter-generational exercises and deep conversations we were led in a process that helped the Council members see what ministries we needed to close, what ministries we could begin and how we could grow.

The Council is still using the insights from our retreat to continue the discernment process with the entire congregation. Our leadership appreciated Linda’s warm, non-anxious and non judgmental presence. She puts people at ease so they can focus on the task at hand.

Pastor Liliana Stahlberg
Highlands Lutheran Church, Denver, CO

Generational Engagement

Linda, I am writing to you to say hello and to tell you that in the week following the ELCA Glocal Gathering I have a meeting with the women of Sion Lutheran Church. In that meeting we practice some of the exercises that you bring us in your presentation of Inter-generational and Cross-generational training. The results were amazing. They are very happy with the exercises.  Thanks for your presentation and of all of the things you share with us.  I look forward to being in contact with you and continuing to sharing different experiences related to the things I learn in your training and that I will learn and share with others.

Pastor Sharon Rio
Iglesia Evangelica Luterana Cristo Victoriosa
Pueto Rico 4/2013

All-Congregational Faith Formation Consultation

In August, 2011, Linda Staats conducted a Faith Formation Consultation for the leaders and members of the Church Planning Council and the Ascension Lutheran faith community. Linda invested in us her time, energy and passion for ministry.

Prior to the two-day workshop, she collaborated closely with our lay leaders, council and staff so that the presentations were in-line with our mission as a community of grace, called to serve. Linda helped us to build on our strengths as a community of faith and encouraged us to tweak existing ministry efforts so that all ages and generations in the community were encouraged in their faith journeys. Linda’s kind and spirit-led accompaniment continues to help shape how we see and practice faith formation for all ages today. Linda lives her belief that “age-segregated, programmatic ministry is out, relational ministry between generations is in!”

Mary Stoneback, Director of Youth and Faith Formation
Ascension Lutheran Church, Colorado Springs, CO