When communities of faith bring adults in all stages of life, together with children of all ages, to worship, interact and learn – stories are shared, faith is nurtured, and authentic, caring relationships flourish.


RESOURCES: Web Sites, FB Links and General Reading CROSS+GEN RESOURCES

A Cross+Gen approach to STEWARDSHIP.  The Generosity Project

Specific Ideas for Cross+Gen Education and Worship

CrossOver.BreadLife An extensive resource for bringing worship and learning together into one intergenerational experience. Based on the John 6 Texts. Bread of Life A Powerpoint that illustrates the ideas for Cross+Generational Learning in the above resource, Bread of Life.

All Saints Day – 2013 Bring the generations together to “remember” and share the treasures of faith through stories of faith.

Reformation Sunday – 2013 Ideas for all ages to celebrate this occasion – for some denominations.

For in-depth information on cross+generational engagement, see related Publications.

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