Knowledge of child development is core to being an effective administrator or teacher. How does one seamlessly integrate faith development into the entire day of the child who attends one of our ELCA associated schools or early learning centers? How does one also support the parent as the child’s primary nurturer of the faith? In this interactive workshop, we look at age and stage related to faith as part of the child’s wholly, holy development
Ages & Stages.ppt

A presentation on Ages and Stages of Faith Development for the Evangelical Lutheran Education Association (ELEA) Region 3 & National Conference in MN, February 27-29, 2020.

Development through the Life Span

By Discipleship Ministries The United Methodist Church, a comprehensive chart (in two sizes) that can be used in teacher training and parenting classes to further the understanding of human growth and development, including faith development.

Developmental Theorists

By Sharon Ely Pearson, a chart that offers a glance at the contributions of major developmental theorists.

Resources-Faith Development

A curated list of resources for faith development of children and youth in faith-based schools, classrooms and homes

Children’s Spirituality Summit

June 8-10 2020, Lipscomb University, Nashville, TN

The Children’s Spirituality Summit brings together Children’s ministers, developmental psychologists, spiritual formation leaders, lay leaders, pastors, teachers, sociologists, parents, and theologians from a broad spectrum of Christian traditions to collectively explore children’s spiritual formation. This Summit offers dozens of informative and inspiring workshops, papers, and ministry models presented by participants like you!